GCI Traytec offer’s a large range of accessories for our quality trays and canopies,
such as electrical and storage solutions, ladders and racks, shade and much more.
Enquirer with us today to add these features to your GCI Traytec setup!


The Rear Canopy Ladder is the perfect way to access your rooftop tent or roof rack. We have taken a very different design approach to anything else in the market at the moment, with functionality and aesthetics equally identifiable. This ladder is dual folding; one half for general use, and the other half to move for access to the rear wheels so you do not have to dismount the entire system! Safety precautions have also considered, with secondary failsafe locks put in place to avoid any unwanted movement and rattling if you somehow lose one of both pins. 


We have designed THREE different electrical packages (variances applicable) from Victron Energy and Enerdrive. These are the Weekend WarriorExplorer and Tourer packages.

The Weekend Warrior Package comes with 75aH lithium DCS battery and storage box, 30A DC2DC charger, BMV battery monitor, and a 500W inverter (inverter optional).  

The Explorer Package comes with a 125aH B-Tec lithium battery and storage box, 40A DC2DC charger, ePRO plus battery monitor, and an epower 1000W sine wave inverter.

The Tourer Package comes with a 200aH B-Tec lithium battery and storage box, 40A DC2DC charger, 40A 240V charger, Simarine display, epower 2000W sine wave inverter and a 180W fixed solar panel.


The jerry can/porta potty holders are a part of our rear wall accessories.

A perfect way to safely and securely store the appropriate goods in an organised fashion.


Another accessory for the perfect tradie setup! The ladder rack is the safest way to store and access your ladders without damaging the tray or the cab. In classic GCI Traytec fashion, this rack is design to be both lightweight and sturdy, as well as easily removeable. 


Needing extra storage?

Look no further, with our large range of toolboxes and under-tray draws built to suit your storage needs.


There are an array of draws, slides and shelves available at different capacities dependant on your vehicle. Pantries, draws, ceiling shelves and slide out tables are just a few of the different storage solutions available dependant on your vehicle and desires.


The canopy kitchen option is built into the canopy draws and offering a wind preventative stainless dual burner stove top with sink attachment. The canopy kitchen also has a slide out and drop down functionality to suit all of your kitchen needs.

There are an induction and gas fitout option available for this setup.


We have a large range of options available to suit the needs of tradies and weekend warriors. Our design is completely modular and features can be added according to your needs.