This is the canopy configuration you have selected for your vehicle.

Finish off your build by adding your tray and other accessories, then we can price out your build!

Passenger Side

  1. GPO/USB infill outlets
  2. Fridge shroud with Bushman 130L
  3. Slide-out pantry
  4. Slide-out kitchen
  5. Rear GPO outlets

Driver Side

  1. Electrical fit-out
  2. Battery box and additional storage
  3. False floor


Passenger Side

  1. Remove GPO fridge infill panel

Driver Side

  1. Option electrical package
  2. Add Joolca Hottap mount


  1. Add shore power if compatible with electrical package
  2. Add ceiling storage
  1. Add ceiling mounted pie oven
  2. Add ceiling mounted microwave

Please note any modifications in the text box allocated below

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    Vehicle Details

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    Select your preferred fitment location

    Canopy Details

    Please select your tray's optional extras

    Dropdown sides
    Aluminium drop sides with integrated flush locks 26Kg
    Tunnel Drawer Accessory
    Stainless steel flip top bench 13Kg
    Water tank
    Poly 60L headboard water tank 12Kg
    Poly 32L undertray water tank (Ram/Silverado/GMC 1500 and Ford F150) 9Kg
    Poly 46L undertray water tank (Ram/Silverado/GMC 1500 and Ford F150) 12Kg
    Poly 62L undertray water tank (Ram/Silverado/GMC 2500 or 3500) 11Kg
    Poly 85L undertray water tank (Ram/Silverado/GMC 2500 or 3500) 14Kg
    Ladder rack
    Rear ladder rack 10Kg
    Load spikes (set of 4) 1Kg

    Please select your additional canopy features

    Central locking wired into OEM 2Kg
    Roof racks
    Extruded canopy length roof rack 26Kg
    Bundle, roof rack and integrated 270deg clevershade awning 42Kg
    Rear wall fitout
    Single spare wheel holder 8Kg
    Dual spare wheel holder 16Kg
    Double jerry can holder 11Kg
    Single jerry can holder 5.5Kg
    Bi-fold ladder 27Kg
    Wind up legs
    Canopy wind up legs standard 58Kg
    Canopy wind up legs with castors 61Kg
    Victron Energy power package Weekend Warrior 12Kg
    -Battery storage box  
    -30A DC2DC charger  
    -BMV battery monitor  
    125ah AGM battery 38Kg
    75aH BCS lithium 8Kg
    200aH Enerdrive lithium 25Kg
    500W inverter 4Kg
    Enerdrive power package explorer 23Kg
    -125ah B-Tec lithium battery  
    -Battery storage box  
    -40A DC2DC charger  
    -ePRO plus battery monitor  
    -epower 1000W sine wave inverter  
    Enerdrive power package tourer 63Kg
    -200ah B-Tec lithium battery  
    -Battery storage box  
    -40A DC2DC charger  
    -40A 240V charger  
    -Simarine by Enerdrive  
    -epower 2000W sine wave inverter  
    -180W fixed solar panel  
    Fitting including removal of tub  
    Fitting to cab chassis